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Infographic, Eurovision Song Contest 2016

After the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 the press reports seemed to be trying to so show how much the Russians and Ukrainians hate each other since the judges gave each other “0” points. I thought I would look a little deeper. True enough the judges scores where “0” but… the peoples vote told a different story. In fact the Ukraine gave Russia 12 point (top marks) and the Russians gave the Ukraine 10 points.

Anyway I thought I would visualise the data. I think the most interesting fact to be seen is that no-one likes England… ever. This maybe the underlying reason of the Britex result a month later.

Tools used: Illustrator
Client: Black Square Design

Michał Szpak from Poland did very well from the peoples vote… not so good from the judges. Download the PDF and see for yourself!
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